Oregon Trail Scavenger Hunt    


For the next few weeks you are going to be an Oregon Trail pioneer. Before you can travel back in time, though, you must complete this scavenger hunt to prepare you for your trip. Use the links provided to help you find the answers to the questions on your Oregon Trail Scavenger Hunt sheet. Use the BACK button on your web browser to return to this hunt page.


1. Pioneer Biography


You must choose a pioneer identity to take on while you travel the trail. Write a biography of who you are including your name, your age, your hometown, and your family’s names and ages. Read about the different roles of people along the trail, and then choose an occupation to add to your biography.


Read about the different reasons that pioneers traveled west. Decide why you are going to be traveling west and add it to your biography.


2. Getting Ready


Before you can set out on your journey, you will need some supplies. Read about each of the different supplies to help you decide which ones you will need to take on your trip.


The pioneers traveled the trail in covered wagons, also known as prairie schooners. Look at the diagram and read about the prairie schooners. You will also need some information about the trail itself before you leave. Read about the Oregon Trail and answer the questions about it.

Now you’re ready to hit the trail!


3. Traveling the Trail


Traveling the trail wasn’t always easy for the pioneers. The pioneers were forced to endure a variety of hardships along the trail. Read about the hardships, and then write a journal entry about two hardships that you experience along the trail.


The pioneers traveled through a number of states and stopped several times along the route. Read about several of the sites that you could stop along the trail, and then write a journal entry about one of the places that your wagon train passes through.


During their journey, the pioneers also came into contact with Native American tribes. Read the passage, and write a short paragraph summarizing the relationship between the Native Americans and the pioneers.


The Oregon Trail made its way through a number of states. Visit the site http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0210182/otmap.htm to see a map of the trail. List the twelve landmarks and forts along with the state in which they are located.


4. Questions About the Oregon Trail


Many people have questions about the Oregon Trail. Visit the site http://endoftheoregontrail.org/faq.html and read the answers to some frequently asked questions about the trail. Choose at least two of the questions that you read and write them on your worksheet. Then write a few sentences to answer these questions. Finally, write down at least two questions you have about the Oregon Trail to be answered during your studies.